Sound Radix SurferEQ 2 Review

Could Sound Radix’s new update to SurferEQ be the ultimate pitch-tracking equaliser? Alex Holmes hits the waves in our review of SurferEQ 2...   Details Manufacturer Sound Radix Price...

Sound Radix 32 Lives Review

In today's review we examine 32 Lives, an incredibly useful bit of software that ressurects your outdated 32-bit plugins for use in a modern...

SoundRadix ’32 Lives’ For Logic Pro X

SoundRadix have unveiled a brilliant new plugin for Logic Pro X which enables users who have previously used 32 bit plug-ins to use them...

Sound Radix Pi Phase Interactions Mixer

If phase issues are detrimentally affecting your mixes, it might  be time to reach for the Pi. Alex Holmes chews it over in this...

SurferEQ Review

Does newer tech just make our jobs easier or can it offer something new to throw into the mix? Liam O’Mullane finds out.

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