Spitfire Audio LABS Autoharp

Spitfire Audio’s latest free Labs instrument is the folk-inspired Autoharp

It includes an extra FX signal that passes the instrument through a gritty Vox guitar amp.
Spitfire Audio Symphony Orchestra

Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Professional gives you tools for blockbuster scores

Recorded at Lyndhurst Hall in London's AIR Studios.
Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio and Hainbach’s Landfill Totems lets you make music with forgotten lab equipment

The sample library features 40 presets of sounds that ‘Kling’, ‘Klang’, ‘Knarz’ and ‘Krach’.
Spitfire Audio Mrs Mills Piano

Spitfire samples historic Beatles piano in latest instrument, Mrs Mills Piano

The plug-in earned the endorsement of Paul McCartney himself.
Spitfire Audio Abbey Road One

Spitfire Audio founders detail the making of the Abbey Road One sample libraries

Christian Henson and Paul Thompson explain why they have partnered with the most famous recording studio in the world for their flagship orchestral series.
She Knows Tech

She Knows Tech’s summit is packed with masterclasses, networking events and more

Spitfire Audio, AES, Women in Music, She Is The Music and Keychange EU sponsor the event.
Spitfire Audio Abbey Road Low Strings Woodwinds

Review: Spitfire Audio Abbey Road One: Sparkling Woodwinds & Legendary Low Strings

Joining an already impressive catalogue of orchestral sample libraries, Spitfire’s latest selection is their most accessible yet.
Spitfire Audio Abbey Road One

Spitfire Audio’s new Abbey Road One packs cost less than a trip to the...

Elegant woodwind and epic strings come as part of the ongoing collaboration between two revered brands
Spitfire Audio Cimbalom

Spitfire Audio’s new cinematic instrument pack is dedicated to the Cimbalom

Performed by veteran film percussionist Greg Knowles.

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