Spotify Car Thing

Spotify debuts its first-ever hardware device, Car Thing, a smart player for vehicles

It's available exclusively in the US on a by-invite-only basis.
Spotify Mixes

Spotify launches Mixes, using machine learning to personalise playlists

It draws data from the 500 billion actions that happen every day on the streaming platform.
NFT Bitcoin

Month in music tech: the biggest news of March 2021

Here are all the new music technology developments from March that you should know about.
Spotify Office

Five things to learn from Spotify’s Loud & Clear transparency campaign

Spotify's new microsite dishes out a wealth of information on its royalty system and streaming payouts in 2020.
UMAW Spotify Protest

Musicians and music workers hold protests at Spotify’s offices around the globe

They called on the streaming giant for better streaming payouts, transparent business practices and more.
Spotify Headphones

Spotify HiFi: Take this test to find out if you’ll be able to hear...

This browser-based ABX test helps you decide if your system (and ears) are ready for the new lossless service.
Spotify and K-pop artist IU

Spotify removes hundreds of K-pop hits after licensing deal with Kakao M expires

Negotiations to renew the license are underway.
Spotify on phone

Spotify will roll out lossless streaming this year

Streaming giant promises CD-quality streaming.
Spotify AirPods

Spotify gets patent for emotion-based music recommendations

New patented technology will let Spotify analyse your voice and suggest songs
Apple Music audio streaming

Streaming play counts are at an all-time high in the UK

An analysis of BPI statistics showed a growth of 25.1 billion streams.

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