Steinberg Cubase

Transform audio loops into your own sounds with Cubase’s processing tricks and tools

That kalimba loop might be more interesting than you first thought.
Cubase MediaBay

Learn how to navigate MediaBay and find new sounds for your Cubase project

The useful media browser isn't as convoluted as it appears.
Cubase Send Effect

Get to grips with Send Effects in Cubase for mixing and sound design

Learn to apply reverb, delay and other effects with total control.
Cubase Tutorial MixConsole

Mastering Cubase’s MixConsole and customising it to your needs

Move around Cubase's mixing environment effortlessly using tips from this video tutorial.
Cubase Insert Effects

Learn how to operate and quickly apply Cubase’s Insert Effects

Get to know MorphFilter and MonoDelay in this week's video tutorial.
Steinberg Dongle

Steinberg is killing its dongle, but why? And what could be next?

For Cubase users, the eLicenser USB dongle has been a point of contention for years.
Cubase Groove Agent SE

Learn how to instantly make beats with Cubase’s Groove Agent SE

Lay down a groove with Cubase's stock drum machine.
dvCompTools Transverse in HALion Sonic SE3

Review: dvCompTools Transverse

Can this promising movie trailer sound design instrument cover all your riser, transition and build-up needs?
Cubase Tutorial Bassline

Learn how to create a bassline with irresistible groove in Cubase using your mouse

Slapping the bass, or mouse, in the DAW can get you some interesting results.

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