TC Electronic

Review: TC Electronic Finalizer

Who doesn’t like adding a little fairy dust to their mix? The company that came up with the one-box ideal has just finalised its delivery in software form.

Review: TC Electronic DVR250-DT Digital Reverb

The trend of replicating classic studio technology shows no signs of waning any time soon and with the DVR250-DT, TC Electronic takes us right back to the sound of the first commercially available digital reverb box…

Vintage Rewind: TC Finalizer

In 1996, TC Electronics sent shocks through waveforms with the one-box music making solution known as The Finalizer, as Dave Gale explains…. With a name...

TC Electronic Alter Ego X4 Review

Guitarists – they just love a stompbox, don’t they? Marcus Leadley pokes around a delay emulator that even hardcore vintage enthusiasts may like… Details Price £199 Contact -...