Toontrack Classic Rock EBX

Review: Toontrack Classic Rock EBX

Providing the sound of thunder to bottom out your virtual band, the first EZBass EBX expansion library achieves classic status
Juan Dussán

Cyber Monday 2020: The best software deals for producers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for your plug-in folder.
Toontrack Legacy of Rock

Review: Toontrack Legacy of Rock SDX

With kits spanning a pantheon of rock’s biggest giants, Toontrack’s latest assortment of drum sounds grants instant oomph straight out of the box.
Toontrack EZKeys Hybrid Harp

Review: Toontrack EZKeys Hybrid Harp

Here’s one for you: which instrument contains a harp, a harmonium and a glockenspiel but is played with a bow? The answer is far from a joke. It’s more of an inspiration.
Toontrack Classic Rock EZX

Toontrack Classic Rock EZX belts out Led Zeppelin drums recorded by Eddie Kramer

The EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3 expansion is influenced by the work of Eddie Kramer
Toontrack Eddie Kramer Legacy OF Rock SDX

Eddie Kramer and Toontrack collaborate on Legacy of Rock SDX

An EZDrummer expansion that might just rock your socks off
Toontrack EZKeys Hybrid Harp

Toontrack’s Hybrid Harp is the most unusual EZkeys instrument yet

The fourteenth EZkeys instrument is comprised of five different quirky instruments
Toontrack EZbass Presets

Review: Toontrack EZBass

Making EZ-peasy work of picking out great basslines, Swedish sampling specialist Toontrack have applied their slap-happy expertise to the bass guitar.
Toontrack EZbass

Toontrack adds bass to its EZ lineup with EZbass

Dial in two classic bass tones with Modern and Vintage sound libraries
Toontrack EZDrummer 2 GUI

Review: Toontrack Kicks and Snares EZX

The latest expansion pack for EZDrummer shelves any sense of ambiguity and zeroes in on the most important drums in the kit. We get a kick out of its snappy snares.

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