UVI Super 7

UVI’s Super-7 takes a trip to 1986 with sounds from Roland’s MKS-7 Super Quartet

The classic rackmount synth combined the Juno-106 and TR-707.
UVI 8-Bit Synth Hero image

Review: UVI 8-Bit Synth

Calling all nostalgic game composers: UVI' 8-Bit Synth, now available outside of Toy Suite, is a 'Retro Chip Synth' inspired by some of the most popular game systems of yesteryear.
UVI 8 Bit Synth

UVI’s 8-Bit Synth samples from vintage game consoles and computers

Featuring 30,000 samples and 375 presets for all your lo-fi needs.
UVI PX Memories

UVI’s PX Memories is a faithful recreation of a modded Memorymoog

New soft synth draws inspiration from the Lintronics LAMM, a popular aftermarket Memorymoog mod.
UVI World Suite 2

Review: UVI World Suite 2

In its second incarnation, World Suite 2 adds even more instruments and functionality for composers. With a comprehensive sound set and detailed performance features, has UVI succeeded in creating the ultimate world-encompassing collection?
UVI Shade

Review: UVI Shade

Combining EQ, filtering and swaths of meandering modulation, UVIs new effects plug-in draws the spotlight, but will it leave others in the Shade?

Under The Hood: Composer Leopold Ross dissects guitar-heavy Dispatches From Elsewhere score

“My whole ethos of guitar playing is making it sound not like a guitar.”
UVI Shade

UVI Shade is a filter and EQ with tons of creative modulation possibilities

The multi-effect tool features nine types of modulation and 35 filter types
UVI IRCAM Solo Instruments 2

Review: UVI IRCAM Solo Instruments 2

With an excursion to the centre of Paris, sampling and instrument pioneers UVI goes postmodern with a sizeable new collection of solo instruments – but not entirely as you know them.
UVI Key Suite

Review: UVI Key Suite Bundle Edition

With its immeasurably broad new bundle, UVI is set to have you tinkling more than 100 sets of ivories in pursuit of the perfect piano sample for your productions.

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