6 of the best software reverbs

Pressed for space? Reverb is an essential mixing tool that can help you add it to your tracks. Here, we round up the most impressive plug-ins that can give your mixes room to manoeuvre or send them to outer space.

Review: UVI Toy Suite

Inspiration can be found in so many places, so why not try regressing to the sounds of your childhood? We peer through the round window and open the toybox on UVI’s new sample collection.

Review: UVI PX V8

UVI’s latest soft-synth resurrects a long-forgotten favourite from yesteryear. How does this recreation of the Octave Plateau Voyetra 8 stack up against the original?

Review: UVI Drum Designer

With a smart new collection of drum sounds and huge potential for programming, UVI’s new package puts the design back in your drum machine. We tweak a snare or two…