WA Production Free Anniversary Collection Vol 7

Get 10GB of free samples in W.A. Production’s Free Anniversary Collection Vol. 7

Stock up on sounds in styles from dubstep to lo-fi hip-hop, Brazillian bass slaps to Cyberpunk kits.
AudioThing Wave Box

Get AudioThing Wave Box for free with every Plugin Boutique purchase

You can get this waveshaper for as little as £3.95
W.A Production Puncher 2 Lite

Puncher 2 Lite is a free compressor and transient shaper from W.A Production

The slimmed-down version of Puncher 2 gives your sounds a powerful thwack

Orchid is W.A Production’s “chorus on steroids”

Four chorus modules add immense depth to your sounds.
WA Production Vocal Compressor

Help vocals sit in the mix with Vocal Compressor’s three purpose-driven stages

W.A Productions' plug-in curbs harsh frequencies and adds saturation.
Punchy Worm

Punchy Worm is a one-knob waveform wiggling saturator

W.A. Production’s smiling worm does the honours in distorting your sounds
W.A Production Mutant Delay plug-in

W.A Production’s Mutant Delay is a vocal processor with dynamic ducking

Add delay to vocals while retaining signal clarity.

Shape and customise your delay with W.A Production’s SphereDelay

Not content with the delay presents in your DAW? W.A Production has released the SphereDelay, an "innovative" Multimode Delay Effect Plugin... Utilising a "sleek and...

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