Warm Audio 87

Review: Warm Audio WA-87 R2

The second take on a studio classic, this sleek new design packs the internal specifications to cope with all manner of tasks. Let’s get it warmed up
Warm Audio WA87 R2

Warm Audio updates its U87 replica with the WA-87 R2

The update adds higher-quality components, a sturdier chassis and a new head basket shape.
Warm Audio Pedals

Warm Audio enters the guitar pedal market with reproductions of rare 70s effects

Pro audio maker builds pedals based on Foxy Tone Box and Roland Jet Phaser.
Best Vocal Mics HERO

The best mics to buy in 2020: 16 best vocal microphones

Choose the right microphone for capturing exceptional vocal performances.
Warm Audio Bus Comp (Front)

Review: Warm Audio Bus-Comp

Recreating the classic tones of yesteryear is fast becoming a hallmark of this hot Texas company. Will its new take on vintage mix-bus compression receive a warm welcome or a frosty reception?
Warm Audio Active DI

Warm Audio’s DI boxes are designed by CineMag

Two new DI boxes launched at NAMM already being used on major records.

Best hardware of NAMM 2020

Eight of the best pieces of hardware from this year's show.

NAMM 2020: Warm Audio’s BUS-COMP is remarkably affordable

Featuring legendary VCA bus compressor technology.
Warm Audio WA-251, WA-84

Review: Warm Audio WA-251 and WA-84

Bringing the past back to life is a bit of a theme for us of late, and Warm’s latest microphones hark back to two much-loved studio icons.

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