A look back at the Yamaha VL1, a groundbreaking modelling synth

    Yamaha is celebrating 45 years of great synths. One of the more innovative stars of that history is the VL1 – it was a groundbreaking synth, but was it just ‘wrong place, wrong time’?

    Yamaha CS1x: The digital synth with an analogue style

    It’s the early 90s and everyone is making dance music except you! What do you do? Get some cool Roland analogue gear, or a cheap blue Yamaha with a digital heart? You go blue!

    Remembering the sounds of Casio VL-1, a pocket calculator with chiming noises

    If you were a child of the early 80s, you might remember how maths lessons often reverberated to the sound of calculators and Casio VL-1s. By pressing down a special key they played a little melody…

    Rediscovering the QY700, Yamaha’s large, mains-powered beast

    Today’s hardware sequencers are about performance and interactivity, but Yamaha’s 1996 QY700 was composition focused, with a sedate workflow. We dig out the floppy disks.

    Meet Depeche Mode’s first live drummer: the Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55

    A nostalgic look at the Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55 – a popular early programmable analogue drum machine which also took a turn in the spotlight with the mighty Depeche Mode.

    Here’s why Roland’s RE-201 Space Echo is the most beloved tape delay

    The Roland RE-201 Space Echo was the tape delay that inspired a generation of synth-heads and guitarists alike, with a sound that literally came from another dimension – pay close attention!

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