Rediscovering the QY700, Yamaha’s large, mains-powered beast

Today’s hardware sequencers are about performance and interactivity, but Yamaha’s 1996 QY700 was composition focused, with a sedate workflow. We dig out the floppy disks.

Here’s why Roland’s RE-201 Space Echo is the most beloved tape delay

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo was the tape delay that inspired a generation of synth-heads and guitarists alike, with a sound that literally came from another dimension – pay close attention!

Six ways to blow a fortune on a synth

Just won the lottery? Want to make a sound that few others can afford? You need to buy yourself an expensive synth then! We check out the rare, classic and modern options out there…

6 Reasons Not To Buy More Gear

Last time, we looked at six reasons to buy new gear for your studio. This time around, we’re taking the opposite course of action...

6 Reasons To Buy More Gear

It’s very easy to think that our music making will be improved by buying more studio gear. The reality is that it probably won’t,...

In Memory of Keith Gemmell

We're very sad to report the recent passing of our orchestral expert Keith Gemmell and in memory of his contributions to MusicTech we thought...

The Ultimate Guide to a Music Career

A career in music is something the majority of you will be yearning for, of that we're certain. So while we've brought you specific...

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