NAMM 2015 In Images & Video 6

The new iConnectivity interface takes is a patch bay router and a whole lot more, essentially allowing any audio to go anywhere. Continue >

NAMM 2015 In Images & Video 4

On the second morning at NAMM 2015 there were gaps that looked like they were about to be filled on the Shadow Hills stand…...

NAMM 2015 In Images & Video 2

The new Korg MS20 module with SQ-1 CV sequencer… Very cool. Continue >

Show Off Your Studio – Part Four

Welcome to the feature that’s taking the studio world by storm. We ask you to show off your studio, and here are the results… So...

Gear of the Year: Best Interface

We hope you've enjoyed our Gear of the Year rundown, and that it's inspired you perhaps to invest in some new music gear to...

Gear of the Year: Best Headphones

Today we highlight two stunning pair of headphones that we feel simply outshone the competition this year, two very worthy studio 'phones... Platinum Winner -...

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