USSR VS ADSR – Soviet Synths

The former Soviet Union had a thriving synth industry for many years, and some of the machines built during that era have become classics....

Show Off Your Studio – Part Five

Show us what your studio looks like via Facebook and we’ll show it to our massive audience. Thousands have – here are just three! Arclite...

NAMM 2015 Gallery Part 2 – 11

You wouldn't associate the word industrial with the colour orange... Or would you? The latest synth from Industrial Electronics Continue >

NAMM 2015 Gallery Part 2 – 15

Let's move away from crazy modular to bespoke consoles. Tree Audio 'is committed to great sounding, easy to use and maintain recording equipment, all...

NAMM 2015 Gallery Part 2 – 16/17

Music Computing is a company that puts together bespoke keyboards and computers out of existing music production gear adding a powerful Mac or PC...

NAMM 2015 Gallery Part 2 – 18

Music Computing also specialises in making touch screens, this one for iOS is controlling Logic, complete with all swipe controls. Using touch to control...

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