Gear of the Year 2013 – The Winners

Thank you all for voting in your droves for our various different Gear of the Year 2013 categories. Below is the full list of...

Gear of the Year: Best Software Instrument – Modartt Pianoteq Pro 4.5

Modartt's Pianoteq Pro 4.5 was an absolutely fantastic software instrument, combining an intuitive interface with high quality, innovative mathematical approach to generating incredible piano...

Gear of the Year: Best Value – Focusrite Scarlett Studio

Another undisuputed winner this year - Focusrite's Scarlett Studio gave musicians on a budget everything they needed to record high quality music straight out...

Gear of the Year: Best Monitors – PMC twotwo.6

A vast range of monitors (some rather exceptional) have been released this year, but our runaway winner is the PMC twotwo.6... Best Monitors: PMC twotwo.6 Price...

Chanel Summers Interview – Game On!

From being part of the team that developed the Xbox to lecturing around the world on video game sound design, Chanel Summers is at...

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