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Six Of The Best: Instrument Libraries – Sonokinetic Grosso

Sonokinetic Grosso There are more orchestral libraries around than seemingly everything else, so they probably warrant a ‘Six of the Best’ on their own. Until...

Six Of The Best: Instrument Libraries – Heavyocity AEON

Heavyocity AEON This comprises two collections: Rhythmic and Melodic. And, while this is one of the older collections here, it’s still a great all-rounder. In his...

Six Of The Best – Monitors: Fender Focal

Fender Focal Passport Studio For these monitors Fender and Focal have teamed up to produce a set of high-quality mobile speakers, the thinking being that...

Six Of The Best – Monitors: MAD 1920s Monitors

MAD 1920s Monitors Our hardware expert John Pickford is a MAD fan (that’s My Audio Design). Here’s what he had to say about the company’s...

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