Essential Guides

    Tracing the origins of hardware ROMplers

    In this part of our Understanding Synthesis masterclass, we look back at the origins of hardware ROMplers and the idea behind Roland’s Linear Arithmetic synthesis technology.

    The history of sample-based synthesis

    The quest for creating super-accurate acoustic instrument emulations began at the same time as the very earliest electronic instruments were appearing, but it took many years for technology to rise to the challenge. In the third part of our series, we look at the revolution that was sample-based synthesis.

    10 synths that defined dance music

    Boiling down the 10 synths that shaped the sound of dance music is a tall order, but it’s a challenge we’re prepared to undertake! Here’s a guide to those beasts that defined the last few decades…

    6 easy ways to make music anywhere

    There are many ‘rules’ with technology. The better it gets, the faster, more powerful and the smaller it gets. Music-making gadgets have boomed in power but shrunken in size and now you can get a studio in your pocket. Here’s how…

    Recent Articles

    NAMM 2020: The best gear of Day Two

    From a six-channel DJ mixer to the return of a 40-year-old classic reverberator, here are the five best offerings from day 2 of NAMM 2020.

    NAMM 2020: Spitfire Audio takes its Albion collection into the new decade

    A cinematic collection built for the modern musician and composer.

    NAMM 2020: Sonicware’s Liven 8bit Warps does more than retro chiptune sounds

    At $200, the Liven 8bit Warps also includes an integrated step sequencer and four wave memory synth engines.