The Bluffer’s Guide To Reverb

This month, it’s the turn of reverb to get the bluff treatment. Rob Boffard looks at the sometimes mysterious art of creating virtual spaces...

Landmark Productions: Depeche Mode – Violator

Violator marked a new approach for Depeche Mode, and paved the way for both the band’s future and that of electronic music production. Andy...

Buyers Guide: Six of the Best – Keyboard Synths

Welcome to the latest MusicTech Buyer’s Guide where we round up some of the best products that we've recently reviewed. This time we've got six...

Six of the Best: Keyboard Synths – Roland FA-06

Roland FA-06 Like Yamaha, Roland has a great rep with ‘do everything’ synths, and this certainly takes the workstation concept up a notch. We said… “A...

Christmas Songwriting

They’re songs that are etched into our consciousness, wheeled out every year from November onwards. Some people – gasp – even listen to them...

How To Record: Acoustic Guitar Part 1

Capturing the true essence of the humble acoustic guitar can be a tricky task, but with some basic know-how and just one (yes, one!)...

Landmark Productions: Kraftwerk – The Man Machine

It’s Kraftwerk’s definitive musical statement, producing a visual and sonic aesthetic and presciently commenting on the encroachment of technology. Andy Price plugs in… The Tracks 1....

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