Landmark Productions: Brian Eno – Another Green World

Eno’s masterpiece, Another Green World, was one of the first albums to truly use the studio creatively, as Andy Price reveals… Producer Brian Eno, Rhett...

Landmark Productions: Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division’s haunting, angular and atmospheric debut now enjoys its status as a much-revered classic. Andy Price has the insight... Producer Martin Hannett Engineer Chris Nagle The...

Landmark Productions: David Bowie – Low

David Bowie has had many high points in his varied career, but musically Low is still unsurpassed, argues MusicTech’s resident Duke worshipper Andy Price… Engineer...

Buyers Guide: Six Of The Best – Instrument Libraries

Welcome to the new MusicTech Buyer’s Guide where we round up some of the best products recently reviewed in the magazine and on the...

Six Of The Best: Instrument Libraries – Shevannai

Best Service Shevannai We obviously had great fun writing this review complete with a boxout discussing whether Elvish is a real language (kind of) and what...

Six Of The Best: Instrument Libraries – Sonokinetic Grosso

Sonokinetic Grosso There are more orchestral libraries around than seemingly everything else, so they probably warrant a ‘Six of the Best’ on their own. Until...

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