Transform Your Cinematic Projects With EastWest’s Hollywood Choirs

Hollywood Choirs is EastWest's new "ground-breaking" vocal virtual instrument that has the potential to transform your next project. Here's EastWest with the full details... Hollywood,...

KV331 Announce Major New Update With The Arrival Synthmaster One v1.1

Synthmaster One v1.1 is the major new update for KV331 Audio's wavetable synthesiser which adds new factory presets and critical fixes... SynthMaster One v1.1 will...

Watch Plugin Boutique’s Exclusive FabFilter Pro-L 2 Videos

Plugin Boutique has unveiled 3 exclusive videos for the recently released FabFilter Pro-L 2. Watch them now... FabFilter is proud to announce the availability of...

Gatekeeper Aims To Transform Your Audio With Silence

Gatekeeper is the third collaborative plugin from Polyverse Music and legendary electronic duo Infected Mushroom, which they're calling "the most versatile volume tool ever...

VU Meter Is A Free Plugin From Waves That Could Enhance Your Mixes

Industry-standard and free very rarely mix, yet the Waves VU Meter plugin promises just that... Here are the full details from Waves. VU meters have been...

Vacuum By AIR Music Technology Video Walkthroughs

Plugin Boutique and Joshua Casper gets hands-on with Vacuum, a classic mono synth by AIR Music Technology... Air Music Technology originally created Vacuum Classic as...

Boom By Air Music Technology Video Walkthroughs

Join Plugin Boutique and Joshua Casper as they take a look at Boom by Air Music Technology... Air Music Technology originally created Boom as part...

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