ROLI Announce New Funding Sources

We're big fans of ROLI's new music tech products here, especially the Seabord RISE and NOISE app. We're previously interviewed the founder of the...

Point Blank: Point Blank Launches Point Blank Music YouTube Channel

In Point Blank's latest spot here at MusicTech they reveal their new Point Blank YouTube channel... Over the past 20 years, some incredible musicians, producers,...

Cakewalk Unveil Partnership with LANDR

Cakewalk have aligned themselves with cloud-based audio post production service LANDR, enabling SONAR users to export their mix to LANDR and master it to...

NAMM 2016: Avid and Focusrite partnership

Avid and Focusrite are joining forces "to provide Pro Tools users with the best possible audio interface and DAW experience." Official info below: Avid and Focusrite express...

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