Klevgränd Releases Baervaag FM Synthesizer

Klevgränd, one of our favourite developers who delivered some of the coolest little virtual instruments of 2016 has released Baervaag, their newest app that...

Patch Base update adds Roland JD-Xi Editor

Patch Base users that have updated to version 2.4 can now enjoy a fully-featured program/patch editor for the Roland JD-Xi, bringing the number of...

Melu Instruments release ‘Freak’ – A Dual Phase Synchronised Oscillator

Melu Instruments has just released Freak, a new phase synchronised dual oscillator for Eurorack format modular synths, which promises to bring modern layered sounds… Here’s...

Sontronics Launch MERCURY Valve Mic

Sontronics, one of Britain's finest microphone companies, has officially launched their new MERCURY variable-pattern valve microphone, building on the success of the very cool...

ICMP Announce New Facility at Tileyard Studios

ICMP has announced the completion of a new facility exclusively for ICMP students at Tileyard Studios… The largest professional music community in the UK, Tileyard...

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