Review: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Capcom Series

With the reskinned Street Fighter edition of the PO-33 and the Megaman edition of the PO-28, do these new miniature grooveboxes punch above their weight, or go down in the first?

Review: Endlesss Studio

Price £159 (£79 intro offer) Contact Endlesss Ltd The feeling of playing music in a room with others may seem like a distant memory, but Endlesss...

Review: Universal Audio UAFX Astra, Golden and Starlight

The most anticipated stompbox release in years delivers DSP modelled behemoths of modulation, reverb and delay to pedalboards hungry for classic studio and guitar effects.

Review: Focusrite FAST plug-ins

These AI-powered compressor, EQ and spectral ducker plug-ins are for novices, but could experienced producers still enjoy their time-saving features?

Review: UVI 8-Bit Synth

Calling all nostalgic game composers: UVI' 8-Bit Synth, now available outside of Toy Suite, is a 'Retro Chip Synth' inspired by some of the most popular game systems of yesteryear.

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