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Arturia BeatStep Review

If you thought triggering MIDI hardware and software meant using two different devices, think again. Hollin Jones road tests Arturia’s BeatStep… Details Price €99 Contact Via website Web www.arturia.com Minimum System...

Midiclock Review

In this review, we take a look at the latest Midi clock to come through our door, the aptly named Midiclock... Manufacturer E-RM Price £169 Contact info@midiclock.de Web www.e-rm.de Amazon.co.uk Widgets...

Thermionic Culture The Rooster 2 Review

Thermionic Culture revisits one of its classics, and MusicTech hardware guru John Pickford finds himself reaching for his wallet. Again. Details Price £1,845 plus VAT Contact Thermionic Culture 01279...

SOULSBY Atmegatron Review

An 8-bit hardware synth that can be radically changed in software, is hand-built, and only costs £300. ‘Yes please,’ says Andy Jones in this...

Nektar Impact LX49 Review

MIDI control is a staple of any modern music production environment. Hollin Jones road tests the new Nektar Impact LX 49/61… Details Kit - Impact LX...

Nord Lead A1 Review – Nord Almighty

The Lead A1 is an accessible analogue-modelling synth, but Nord has also unleashed a creative monster, as Andy Jones discovers… Details Price £1,249 (Lead A1R will cost...

Roland FA-06 Review

Another month, another hardware workstation... Andy Jones is one of the first to get hands-on with Roland’s FA-06.     Details Price  FA-06 £825. FA-08 £1,299 Contact  Roland ...

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