Hardware Instruments

Akai Advance Series Review

The Advance Series from Akai certainly looks like a bold, new set of keyboards, but its software attempts to blur the lines between hardware...

Roland RD-800 Review

Roland’s flagship stage piano inherits some technology from the formidable V-Piano. Hollin Jones finds out if it’s V for victory… Details Price  £1799 Contact  Via website Web  www.roland.com ...

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Series Review Page 2

Andy Jones continues his review of the amazing Pocket Operator series from Teenage Engineering... The Differences Rather than me repeating the previous pages' set of paragraphs...

Yamaha CP4 Review

A serious player needs a serious instrument. Hollin Jones finds out if Yamaha’s CP4 has what it takes… Details Price  £1908 Contact Via website Web www.yamahasynth.com Amazon.co.uk Widgets...

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ILAaqWOGoU You've spent ages programming your beats but you need to give them that extra edge to take them from...

Rupert Neve Designs’ 5254 compressor marries vintage sound and modern control

The dual-channel compressor is a modern take on Rupert Neve’s early diode bridge designs.

Review: Orchestral Tools Creative Soundpacks

Known for its professional-level cinematic sounds, Orchestral Tools has turned esoteric with its new and interesting creative packs.