Hardware Instruments

Yamaha MX49 & MX61 Review

Yamaha is well known for its powerful workstation keyboards, but it has also recently started to develop instruments designed for the more mobile or...

Elektron Analog Four Review

When a company’s products appear in the studios of artists such as Trent Reznor and Richie Hawtin, you get the impression that it must...

Novation MiniNova Review

Novation helped to power the sound of electronic music in the 1990s with its classic BassStation and Supernova synths, and went on to become...

INTEGRA-7 Review

Until fairly recently, studio workhorse instruments were generally hardware rather than software-based. Roland’s JV-1080, for example, was an incredibly popular general-purpose sound module that...

HD-3 Review

Can Roland’s latest electronic kit satisfy the appetite while also being kind to the wallet? Brian Madigan investigates.

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