Keith McMillen QuNeo Review

Keith McMillen Instruments is a company with some very interesting products on the market. Before the QuNeo arrived, the SoftStep pedal had already caught...

Voyager (Kontakt Edition) Review

Despite being ten years old, the Moog Voyager remains one of the most sought-after analogue mono synths. Although its features may seem paltry by...

NS1 Review

Waves is starting to produce a few more ‘one-dial’ plug-ins these days, and following on the heels of the OneKnob series is the NS1...

Tronto Review

Virtual instrument producer Tronsonic is on a mission: the company wants modern studio users and performers to rediscover  the warmth and character of analogue...

Music, No Theory Review

Presented by Bill Gordon, who has worked with many big-name artists including Madonna, Quincy Jones and James Brown, this series includes 39 videos of...

Production Tools Volume 6 Review

If you’re looking to get started quickly with writing music, then the construction kit format library can be a good place to begin as...

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