R_Mem Review

There are two approaches to processing. The first aims to make a sound the best it can be. This is when EQ, compression and...

Pro-DS Review

De-essing isn’t one of the sexier areas of mixing. Engineers don’t usually get excited over a new de-esser like they would a new compressor...

B2 Review

When it comes to plug-in fame, Aether is quite a celebrity, often quoted as a personal favourite by industry professionals doing stereo and film...

NS1 Review

Waves is starting to produce a few more ‘one-dial’ plug-ins these days, and following on the heels of the OneKnob series is the NS1...

iZotope Alloy 2 Review

When we reviewed the first version of Alloy, iZotope’s all-in-one mixing channel strip, back in January 2010, we were impressed by its range of...

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