Software Instruments

    Review: Arturia Pigments 2

    Pigments was already an interesting and dynamic instrument, but this latest update promises to elevate Arturia’s acclaimed soft-synth into a whole new dimension.

    Review: Rob Papen Punch 2

    The latest update from Rob Papen is something of a heavy-weight, looking to give drums a total thumping. We deliver the final knockout on Punch 2…

    Review: Sonokinetic Modal Runs

    The latest pack from Sonokinetic allows for the simple creation of easy orchestral runs throughout your tracks, which blends perfectly with the company’s canon of products.

    Review: Orchestral Tools Junkie XL Brass

    The brass section can be one of the biggest and baddest sections in the cinematic orchestral arsenal, but now Orchestral Tools has taken things to XL proportions.

    Review: Toontrack Decades SDX

    What do you get if you combine an award-winning engineer with a legendary studio? A whole lot of groove for your buck, as we find out with Toontrack’s latest drum expansion…

    Review: Spitfire Audio Hauschka Composer Toolkit

    In the never-ending search for inspiring acoustic samples, Spitfire’s latest library goes slightly alternative, with a calling for the West Coast, from the heart of Europe.

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