Here’s why Roland’s RE-201 Space Echo is the most beloved tape delay

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo was the tape delay that inspired a generation of synth-heads and guitarists alike, with a sound that literally came from another dimension – pay close attention!

Vintage Rewind: Neve 1073

The classic Neve 1073 channel amplifier and equaliser has lent its big, wide and characterful analogue colour to countless hit records. We salute a preamp with a very musical character…

Vintage Rewind: Tascam DP-01

It might not be the most legendary piece of music technology ever built, but for some, the Tascam DP-01 was at the centre of their music-making world…

Vintage Rewind: TC Finalizer

In 1996, TC Electronics sent shocks through waveforms with the one-box music making solution known as The Finalizer, as Dave Gale explains…. With a name...

Vintage Rewind: Atari ST Computer

In 1985, if you weren’t playing Pong, you might have been making music with a hot new home computer, with musical aspirations: the Atari...

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