Vintage: Neumann U 47

It’s without a doubt the most famous microphone in history, but just what makes this 1940s classic so special? Mike Willox reveals its secrets… The...

Vintage: ARP 2600

The early days of synthesis were responsible for many of the sounds we still prize today – despite some limitations. John Pickford goes back...

Vintage: Fairchild 660/670

Decades after making its debut, the sound of the Fairchild 660 continues to set a standard to which others aspire. John Pickford finds out...

Vintage: SSL 4000 Series

In the early 80s, SSL changed the face of recording studios forever. Mike Willox looks at the genesis, and subsequent impact, of the SSL...

Vintage: Studer J37

In today’s world of virtually unlimited track counts, it’s important to remember how things were done in the early days... Mike Willox goes back...

Vintage: AKG C414

Few products can claim to have survived over 40 years in the business, but AKG’s enduring C414 is certainly one. John Pickford has the...

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