Ableton Live

    How to simulate hardware setups in Ableton Live 10

    There’s nothing like the vibe of hardware music setups, but they’re not always practical or portable – sometimes you have to fake one instead. We explore Live 10’s instruments and effects to show you how…

    How To Connect Guitar Pedals in Ableton Live

    The popularity of modular synth rigs has fuelled the desire for guitar pedals and that alluring hardware vibe. Martin Delaney outlines the why and...

    Technique of the Week: Separating MIDI Drum Tracks in Live

    Erin Barra explains how separating MIDI drum tracks using Extracting Chains can greatly improve the flexibility of your drum programming… Racks in Live are reason...

    How To Create Reverse Reverb

    In our latest how-to guide, Erin Barra explores how you can easily create that authentic, classic reverse reverb sound in your DAW… Reverse reverb is...

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