Ableton Live

How to use guitars with Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live has undoubtedly matured as a production and performance platform – and Live 10 in particular has so much to offer guitarists and bass players, whether they’re technophobes or dedicated gear-heads. Strap it on and plug it in!

Updated automation and editing features in Ableton Live 10.1

Electronic music sounds better when things are moving – but you haven’t got enough arms to move all the controls at once. That’s where automation comes in and Live 10.1 includes yet more usable automation features

Exporting options in Ableton Live

A finished piece of music needs to be released into the world, and to do that you need to export it from your project. Let’s take a look at the options for getting our music out of Live…

Deeper ways to sync Ableton Live with your hardware

Last time, we talked about using Ableton Link to wirelessly sync compatible music software and hardware. Now let’s recap on how we can connect Live to a wider range of equipment, including older products.

How to Link and sync with Ableton Live

Live works brilliantly on its own for production/performance, but it can also be incredibly sociable and open to working with other software and hardware. Here are a few ways to hook it up.

Using the new features in Ableton Live 10.1

The Live 10.1 public beta is underway, and there won’t be further additions before the final release. There are new effect Devices, and one significant alteration to the Wavetable synth. We lay out the changes.

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