Steinberg Cubase

How to work with Chord Pads in Cubase

Last time, we looked at how Cubase’s Chord Track creates a harmonic guide track that can modify the pitching of MIDI, instrument and audio parts. Now we’re focusing on Cubase’s other chord-based tool: Chord Pads

Understanding Chord Tracks in Cubase

At first glance, Chord Tracks and Chord Pads can give the impression they’re aimed at producers whose musical ideas exceed their musical skills – they are, however, powerful production tools in their own right…

How to use Folders, Groups and Link Groups in Cubase

Cubase offers various methods for combining multiple tracks so that they can be edited, mixed and/or processed as though they are a single track. Let’s examine how these can streamline your projects and workflow.

How to use automation in Cubase (Part Two)

Following our primer in part one, this time we take a deeper dive into the nitty-gritty of automation in Cubase, with tips and methods to work around common problems and pitfalls.

How to use automation in Cubase (Part One)

Cubase contains loads of tools for creating and editing automation data, and practically every mix, instrument and effect parameter can be controlled via this data. We bring you the details.

Speed up your workflow with presets and templates in Cubase

Inspiration is easily sapped by the minutiae of setting up projects, tracks and plug-ins in your DAW. However, Cubase has a few tricks to ease this perennial problem and keep those juices flowing.

Using Drum Maps in Cubase

In our last issue’s Cubase workshop, we dug into the details of the Drum Editor. This time around, it’s the turn of the Drum Maps which power that Editor…

Using the drum editor in Cubase 9.5

The Drum Editor has been a staple part of Cubase since its very first version, but some of its cleverest tricks are masked by its intuitive simplicity. We delve deeper to show you how to bend its feature set to your will…

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