Get Perfect Beats: Part 2 – Recording Acoustic Drums

Last time we looked at getting perfect electronic beats together. Now it’s time to get out-of-the-box and record and mix acoustic drums. Huw Price...

Genre Focus Tutorial: Drum and Bass Part 1

Arguably one of the most difficult electronic genres to master, D&B veteran Liam O’Mullane explains the core techniques for achieving an authentic production sound. ...

Logic Pro X Tutorial: Become a Power User Part 7 – Using Retro Synth

Beneath the appealing immediacy of Retro Synth’s interface lies a surprisingly powerful and versatile machine. Mark Cousins gets twiddling. Although the mighty ES2 remains Logic...

Genre Focus Tutorial: Producing Trance – Part 2

The second instalment of our series on creating a track entirely in the digital domain moves into the realms of composition and production techniques....

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