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Using external loops in Reason 10 (Part One)

Got some amazing audio loops from your hardware synths and modular gear that you want to get creative with? Or some proper drum loops from your drum machines? Here’s how to use Reason to turn them into something special.

How to take your bass sound to the next level in Reason

Last time, we explored some of the more subtle ways to get perfect kick and bass sounds. Now we’re going to continue with the low-end theory and explore ways you can bring extra levels of interest to your bass sounds…

How to add extra kick and bass punch in Reason 10 (Part One)

We continue our Reason Sound Design tour by looking at the backbone of your music, the kick and snare. We show you how you can add punch to both – and how to mix them so that the results don’t clash…

Master the New Features in Reason 10.2

Propellerhead Software has announced Reason 10.2, with a raft of workflow improvements to will help you produce faster. Andy Jones assesses its merits Propellerhead  Software...

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