Show off your Studio – Amazing Studios in our 38th Weekly Roundup

It’s time for the 38th collection of your amazing studios in image form, over the last couple of weeks we’ve receieved some truly remarkable shots featuring a wide range of both pro and amateur studios. Like we said when we first started, we want to see where you make music and we don’t particularily care if your setup is minimal – part of the joy of this feature is comparing and contrasting the environments and setups that people use to make music. So without further ado, let’s plough on into our favourite amazing studios of the week…

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Matt Love Amazing Studio


First up, guitars aplenty in the small but amazing studio of Matt Love (great name) – some nice gear and a large screen display

2BTruman Sci Fi Amazing Studio

‘That looks like the set of Blake’s 7’ said one of the MusicTech team upon seeing this shot of 2BTruman’s retro-futuristic sci-fi studio. It’s without a doubt one of the finest studio setups we’ve seen, because it’s so personalised. 2BTruman says “The production design is very inspiring, while playing electronic melodic experimental music”


Baptiste Mokas Amazing Studios

Baptiste Mokas sent us this amazing multi-screened setup, giving him five different perspectives on his sound

Dan Ashdown Amazing Studio

Dan Ashdown sent us this shot of his synth collection, where do you start! The options are limitless (and we’re pretty jealous)

Fabio Barker’s studio features both Star Wars and Madonna – as well as a plethora of music technology

germano dee bee amazing studio

Germano De Bee sent us this fantastic shot of Reboot Studio, a really cool aesthetic combined with DJ and home production gear. Amazing


A tiny, shabby chic studio setup here from Ilkka Kuivanen, there’s something very arty about this image, we like it because it’s unflashy and humble.

Jessica Gamboa

A whole wall of vinyl in the studio of Jessica Gamboa, both for inspiration and reference. Loads of gear setup effectively and enough space to record live instruments (including drums)


Here we have Studio P3 from Maciek Malicki – fantastic lighting in this amazing studio

Nick Wilkinson

The amazing studio of Nick Wilkinson is pictured here, complete with vinyl record player another small setup but one that works well

Pablo Reynoso

A gorgeous pro studio shot here from Pablo Reynoso, fantastic acoustic panelling and a wooden aesthetic all round.

Paul Ilea

Paul Ilea sent us this very cool shot of his creative space, complete with some fantastic synths from Nord and Roland

Todd Nicholson

A giant screen as well as loads and loads of toys (or should that be collectables) in the studio playroom of Todd Nicholson

Ug Sir Never

A whole host of gear in the fantastic studio of Ug SirNever – love the variety of gear which must result in lots of creative choice

Wayne Hemmings

Wayne Hemmings sent us this simple but very eye-catching music making studio