Studio Interviews: The Attic Production

In this studio interview we chat to Quentin Fourmond from The Attic Production, a small but well built little music making space…

The Attic Production

MT: Key components?
iMac 27-inch; two UA Apollo Quad Core FireWires; Focusrite OctoPre MKII; Adam A5 speakers; Studiospares HAR4 4-Way headphone amp; M-Audio MIDI controller keyboard; Radial X-Amp Active Re-Amplifier; Radial BigShot ABY True Bypass Switcher; Tech 21 SansAmp BassDriver DI; Vox AC30 amp; Gibson Falcon 1964 amp; Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster and Gibson SG ‘61 Reissues; Fender 70s Jazz Bass; Pearl Export EXR drum kit; Ampeg PF-350 Portaflex 350W bass-amp head; Kustom Deep End 210H bass cab; Blue Bluebird mic; Royer R-121; Beta 52A; two Shure SM57s; Shure SM7B; two sE4400as; two AKG C451 Bs; two Sennheiser MD 421-IIs.


MT: Which DAW?
I use Logic X now. I started playing around with Logic 8 back in 2008 and then moved on to 9. I am a solid user of Logic X now, and I use it because I can be fast and efficient by knowing most of everything I need on the go.

MT: Favourite gear?
My Apollo Quad Core interfaces – so easy to use. Anything I track sounds lovely and crisp and the preamps inside give a nice definition from the get-go.

MT: How often do you use it?
Sometimes it could be the whole week and sometimes twice a week.

MT: Whats next on your gear shopping list?
A 2TB SSD, to give the whole system a brand-new life and more speed.

MT: Dream gear?
A Neve Custom Series 75 console – a good combo of modern and retro.


MT: Any advice?
Analyse what you need, buy within a budget and make the most of your gear. Once your ears are in need of something, sell the old stuff to buy a better version. Be curious: listen to music, old or new but something you’ve never heard of before.

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