Gear Of The Year: Vote for the best accessory of 2020

These are our favourite category-defying, insanely useful products and courses from this year – which is the best of the bunch?

The category for Best Accessory covers a plethora of studio widgets, books, courses and hard-to-categorise products that we have found to be incredibly useful. Among our favourites this year were Soyuz’s colourful gain booster, The Launcher, GIK Acoustics VISO Booth and IK Multimedia’s ARC System 3 room correction solution.

That’s not to mention the amazing books and premium online courses that have helped us along the way from the likes of FaderPro, Musicforincome and Producertech.

Lastly, let us not forget Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 which is such an impressive compositional sidekick that we gave it a perfect 10 without hesitation. But which of these nominated accessories and courses will earn your vote?


Let us know in the poll below.

Refresh your memory of the nominated products and courses by reading our reviews here:

Voting closes on Thursday 19 November. Winners will be announced in this and every other category in the Gear Of The Year Awards in Issue 214, on sale Thursday 17 December.

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