Gear Of The Year: Vote now for the best audio interface/mixer of 2020

No studio would be complete without an interface – but which is the best from this year?

Getting audio into and out of your computer might just be the least exciting part of the studio, with the exception of cables. But, it’s vitally important. A great audio interface will fade into the background, allowing you to focus on making music. However, some interfaces offer even more functionality, such as Universal Audio’s Apollo X4 which gives you UAD-2 realtime processing, or the SSL 2+ which imparts a console-like sonic character.

These interfaces also range from the entry-level Audient Evo 4 with automatic gain-setting at £99, through to AMS Neve’s USB-laden eight-channel 1073OPX preamp. But which one of these will come out on top? Vote in our poll, below!


Refresh your memory of the nominated products by reading our reviews here:

Voting closes on Thursday 19 November. Winners will be announced in this and every other category in the Gear Of The Year Awards in Issue 214, on sale Thursday 17 December.

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