Gear Of The Year: Vote now for the best DAW of 2020

Everyone has their favourite, but now it’s time to tell us which DAW has served you best in 2020.

For most music producers, the digital audio workstation is the central environment for all our creative endeavours. Everyone has their trusted DAW, though some of us may choose to work across multiple to harness their unique capabilities. DAW updates are unpredictable, though, and it’d be unfair to list only those that have received sizeable overhauls in 2020.

So, to create this year’s shortlist, we have gathered what we consider to be the current major players in the DAW universe – plus some notable additions. It’s time to stand up for your DAW of choice by voting below!


Refresh your memory of the nominated products and courses by reading our reviews here:

Voting closes on Thursday 19 November. Winners will be announced in this and every other category in the Gear Of The Year Awards in Issue 214, on sale Thursday 17 December.

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