Gear Of The Year: Vote now for the best modular gear of 2020

Each Eurorack rig is as unique as its user, but which module is a must-have for most?

Eurorack is a broad church. These are basement makers and major manufacturers, and the modules being produced range from the musically functional to the esoteric and experimental. Over the year, we’ve tested foundational oscillators such as the Dreadbox Hysteria, evolving sequencers such as the Qu-Bit Bloom, through to fully-functional multi-module systems like the ALM/Busy Circuits System Coupe.

But which do you think is the best piece of modular gear on our shortlist? Vote below!


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Voting closes on Thursday 19 November. Winners will be announced in this and every other category in the Gear Of The Year Awards in Issue 214, on sale Thursday 17 December.

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