Gear Of The Year: Vote for the best products of 2019

Pick your favourite hardware and software released in 2019. The two winners will be decided entirely by public vote.

MusicTech Gear of the Year 2019 Best product nominees

Pick your favourite hardware and software released in 2019. The two winners will be decided entirely by public vote.

2019 has been a near-perfect conclusion to a decade of remarkable innovations in music technology. There have been so many breathtakingly good products released this year that it’s been rather difficult to compile the shortlists for our Gear Of The Year 2019 awards. But somehow, we managed!

We’ve seen more interesting uses of artificial intelligence this year. From the deep, intelligent integration of iZotope’s Ozone 9’s Mastering Assistant to Musiio’s clever, high-speed tagging service to AI-powered songwriting assistants such as Amadeus all the way to Google’s intelligent, Bach-themed Doodle, AI is revolutionising the way we approach the music-making process – and it will undoubtedly continue to flourish in the upcoming decade.

Also this year, we explored the expanding world of virtual reality from a music-making, listening and experiential point of view. It’s highly likely that in the coming years we will have to incorporate new categories into our Gear Of The Year awards that represent this growing area of the industry.

In terms of the products we’ve reviewed, however, we’ve noticed something of an explosion of boutique Eurorack modules and synthesizers that allow an astonishing degree of sonic control. This, coupled with an increasing number of well-crafted synths, instruments, and both hardware and software effects, allows the music-maker to stand out from the crowd. The age of the preset is long gone. Sound-sculpting is the new norm.


Software and hardware are more integrated than ever before, with DSP interfaces and Thunderbolt connections negating latency and CPU slowdown to help you realise your most audacious ideas. Sound libraries and orchestral collections have grown even bigger, too.

There’s just so much we can do now from the comfort of our laptops that the most challenging part of making music is to choose what devices to use. Hopefully, our reviews have helped illuminate the very best that the music technology world has to offer.

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