Gear Of The Year: Vote now for the best software synth of 2020

This year has seen a mammoth set of world-class software synths that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their hardware counterparts. Vote now for the best!

Though we only launched this category last year, it has quickly become one of our most hotly debated – and with good reason. A plethora of great software synths have found their way into our music-making toolkits in 2020. Alongside instant classics from the likes of Rob Papen and Krotos Audio, we’ve laid our hands on an eclectic range of vibrant and creative synthesisers such as Arturia’s Pigments 2 and Slate and Ash’s Cycles.

We’ve also be impressed by the innovative, fresh approaches of newcomers Imaginando and the inspiring Audiaire. We’re only scratching the surface of a category that’s brimming with excellence. So to help us decide which should scoop our top prizes this year, we need your input. Vote for your favourites below!


Refresh your memory of the nominated products by reading our reviews here:

Voting closes on Thursday 19 November. Winners will be announced in this and every other category in the Gear Of The Year Awards in Issue 214, on sale Thursday 17 December.

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