Studio Interviews: Buffalo Recording Studio – Call of the Buffalo

In our latest studio interview we sit down and have a chat with Jean-Baptiste from Buffalo Recording Studio and find out his production philosophy

buffalo recording

MT: What are the key components of your studio?
Buffalo Recording Studio is based around a 40-channel vintage Trident Series 65 mixing desk. We also have a couple of Neve and DBX compressors, Neve, Altec and Shure external preamps and a selection of spring reverb and tape-delay units, and we alo have a very nice selection of microphones and instruments.


MT: Which DAW do you use at Buffalo Recording Studio and why?
I use Pro Tools 12. It’s stable, reliable and I work fast with it.

MT: What is your favourite gear in the studio and why?
I’m a big fan of the Trident Series 65 mixing desk. There is a certain mojo and boldness to it.

MT: How often do you spend in the studio?
Maybe 50 to 60 hours a week.

MT: How do you use your setup? Are you recording bands, working professionally or just making music for fun?
A bit of everything. I use Buffalo to produce artists, record bands, write with my own projects, compose for TV ads, and sometimes just to play and have fun.

MT: What’s next on your shopping list for the studio and why?
Maybe a Reslo RB. It’s an old ribbon mic. No particular reason, except that I like the sound of ribbon mics. I’m very keen on getting a nice upright piano very soon, too.

MT: Does anything annoy you about your studio?
The studio is only few weeks old and I still haven’t had the time to sort out the patch bay – so right now, there is a lot of plugging/unplugging behind the desk. That should be sorted out soon, though…


MT: Dream gear, and why?
I would quite like to get my hands of some of these old PYE compressors or a RS124. And maybe one of those midrange Pultec equalisers, too.

MT: Any advice?
Leave some headroom when you make your budget!

MT: Any studio anecdotes?
Well, there’s a really fat wood pigeon nesting right behind one of the windows in the control room. We called it Barry. I try to provide Barry with good vibrations.

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