Studio Interviews: Driftmoon’s Double Helix Mastering Suite – It’s a Dog’s Life

We’re now seriously impressed by your studio imagery. Show Off Your Studio via the MusicTech Facebook page and you could be interviewed by us (pets in shot certainly help, too!) In this studio interview we take a look around the gorgeous looking studio of Driftmoon..

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Now that’s what we call Komplete Kontrol!

MusicTech: Tell us about your studio…

Driftmoon: Technically, my company is called Driftmoon Audio Suite, but the studio is called Double Helix Mastering.

I use the studio 50 per cent for my own music composition under the Driftmoon alias and 50 per cent for mixing, producing and mastering for my clients. I didn’t expect the studio to actually be so time-demanding, but it’s proving to be an amazing experience. Working with so many different clients and musical genres has opened up a world of new possibilities to me.

MT: Where, when and how?!

I’ve totally refurbished and reconstructed my home to be a full-on studio. I know many people prefer to have a studio somewhere else, but I love the fact that when I have an idea for new track or melody, I can write it down immediately.


Also, it’s good to be available if clients need something to be done as soon as humanly possible. The music scene is a rapid changing world, so it’s good to stay ahead of any potential problems. Also, considering that I live in the heart of Prague right next to the most visited tourist locations, finding some place just for a studio setup would be extremely difficult.

MT: Kit list?

Mac Pro with 12-Core Xeon, 1TB SSD and 128GB RAM; Universal Audio Apollo Quad and UAD-2 Satellite Quad; Waves MaxxBCL; API 5500; Kush Clariphonic; SSL G Compresor;SPL M/S Master and MasterBay; Focusrite ISA One; Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock; RTW TM3-Primus; 2x Event Opal; 2x Avantone Mixcubes; Roland JU-06 and JP-08; Dave Smith Instruments Sequential Prophet-6; Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88; software from Waves, UA.

MT: Which DAW?

For composing and production, I use Ableton Live. I somehow love the workflow and even for orchestral composition, it’s absolutely amazing. Granted, it doesn’t have as many features as, for example, Cubase when it comes to composing, but you can work around them and find your own ‘way’ of doing things. For mixing, I use Pro Tools and for mastering, Sequoia.

MT: What is your favourite gear?

I recently purchased a Dave Smith Prophet-6 and, oh my, it’s absolutely phenomenal! I’ve spent days playing with the sounds and writing them down in an Excel sheet to categorise them and then I immediately started reworking my album tracks, because the sound of the Prophet is amazing. It just stands out.

Driftmoon Studio Outboard

Driftmoon’s outboard gear is impressive, particularly the SPL gear

MT: How often are you in your studio?

I am here daily for 10 to 16 hours – it depends on how much work there is to be done. I stopped having weekends years ago, now every day is a work day, but every day is amazing and different. I somehow got used to non-linearity and it’s making every day interesting.

MT: How do you use it?

My studio space consists of ‘only’ one room, so there isn’t enough space to record a whole band: nevertheless I can record singers and instrumentalists with ease. I mostly use the studio for producing, composing, mixing and mastering.

MT: Next on your shopping list?

Right until now, I’ve had no need to go into the 500 Series world. But after loads of positive reviews about Meris’ Mercury7 Reverb, I think I’ll start collecting different 500 Series modules. I’ve also tested the Moog Ladder Filter module, it’s incredible.

MT: Does anything annoy you about your studio setup?

Loads of time and effort (not to mention money) went into this space. I’ve had room to work with and I made it work. The room itself is treated to industry standards. If I could change one thing, it would be the air conditioning. However, because the studio is located in a very old building which is under UNESCO protection, I can’t have an AC unit here.

Driftmoon Studio Alt Angle

A different perspective – we still love the dog!

MT: Any dream gear?

Barefoot monitors, I really hope one day I will be able to get a proper space which will be treated so I could buy and use these. So far, they are huge for my current space but it never hurts to dream, right?

MT: Do you have any advice for MusicTech readers about setting up a studio?

To try and remember that we all started with something little. Whether or not you will make something great out of it depends only on you. Listen to as much music (in different genres) as possible and also to be kind and respectful to other musicians.