Show off your Studio – The 44th Finest Studio Shots

Another (rather hectic) week passes for us in the MusicTech office, while we’ve been busy though your pics have continued to flow in. Here’s the best of the best this week, some of which may be among the finest studio shots ever – click the images for larger…

Finest Studio 1

Adam Zwiazek (above and below)


Finest Studio Shots 4

Aisi Cravid

Amando Perez II

The Finest Studio Shots In The World


Antonio Bello

Ernie Jackson

Gianni Lupi

 Joseph J Kotz

Paul Nickson

Philipp Beltifa

Roscoe Gray


Scott Anderson

Simon Chauvin

Tom S Van Iersel

Сергей Бобров

Тамара Т