Six highlights of the Universal Audio Apollo x6 interface

    The top features of UA's newest professional-grade audio interface.

    One of Universal Audio’s newest interfaces, the Apollo x6, scores high marks for its professional features, low latency, versatility and suite of plug-ins. Read our full, in-depth review, or scroll on to check out the six top highlights of the device.

    Front panel

    universal audio apollo x6 front panel

    The Apollo x6 is a good-looking 1U audio interface, with useful front-panel metering and controls. Hi-Z instrument inputs are located on the front panel, as are the two independent headphone outputs. There’s even a built-in talkback mic.

    Inputs and outputs


    universal audio apollo x6 back panel

    The unit offers six analogue inputs and eight analogue outputs, two of which are dedicated to carrying the stereo monitoring signal. SPDIF I/O and two pairs of ADAT ports provide up to an additional 10 channels of digital I/O.


    universal audio apollo x6 thunderbolt


    The unit connects to the host computer via Thunderbolt, and while the X6 sports a Thunderbolt 3 connector, it is compatible with Thunderbolt 1 and 2 host devices. Up to four Apollo X interfaces can be daisy-chained.

    Preamp plug-ins

    universal audio apollo x6 preamp

    The first two analogue inputs feature UA’s Unison preamp technology. This uses plug-ins that both adapt the preamp’s analogue circuit and applies processing in the digital domain in order to emulate classic preamps, channel strips, and guitar and bass amplifiers.



    universal audio dbx plug-in

    All channels have slots for up to four UAD-2 insert effects. The results of these effects can be bussed to the DAW for recording, or applied only to the direct monitoring signal, allowing an unprocessed signal to be recorded.

    Plug-in store

    universal audio plug-ins

    UA’s online plug-in store offers a huge range of plug-ins and processors. Price-wise, these are on a par with other commercially available plug-ins, and UA regularly offers price drops and vouchers to users, which is very good of them!

    For the full review of the Apollo x6, click here.



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