Gear of the Year 2015 – Highly Commended DAW: Ableton Live

It’s time for the top two categories, (if this were the Oscars, these would be the ‘best director’ and ‘best film’) Everyone needs a DAW at some point to make releasable music in the 21st century, and everyone has their DAWs of choice. This year the results may surprise you. Our highly commended DAW is Ableton Live…

Highly Commended DAW – Ableton Live

Price €599
Contact Ableton +49 302 887 630


Arguably the DAW for dance music, Live – or ‘Ableton’ as it’s increasingly being called (do we call Logic ‘Apple’?) – has been updated again since we last looked at 9.2, and 9.5 is even more significant, making it the highest-rated DAW we’ve looked at.

Of 9.2, Martin Delaney said: “You get a surprising amount in what could be considered ‘just’ a point update, and while it’s hard to review a free update, consider this an update review to our main Live 9 review and that the software is still as essential as it’s ever been.”

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