Gear of the Year 2015 – Highly Commended Monitors: Adam S3X-H

We turn our attention to monitors now, and our highly commended pair are quite brilliant. The Adam S3X-H’s…

Highly Commended Monitors – Adam S3X-H

Price £2,000 each
Manufacturer Adam
Contact 07590 069007 or 0207 737 3777


From low-budget to all of your budget. Yes, the S3X-H monitors might cost £2,000 each but if you have the cash, these are the ones to splash it on, and they beat some solid competition to win ‘highly commended’ in our Gear Of The Year poll.

Huw Price said: “Ultimately, these Adams deliver the forensic detail, imaging accuracy, transient response, wide frequency range and flexibility needed for top-end professional monitoring. They can go extremely loud – but, most importantly, they’re very enjoyable to listen to.”

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