Gear of the Year 2015 – Highly Commended Software Effect/Utility: Fabfilter Pro-Q2

The software-sphere has, like pretty much every other area of music technology this year, been swamped with new releases. Amazing tools, fantastic effects and workflow-improving plugins are everywhere. But there can be only one winner… and one highly commended runner up, and this year our silver award recipient is Fabfilter’s sublime Pro-Q2…

Highly Commended Software Effect/Utility – Fabfilter Pro-Q2

Price: £124


Fabfilter’s plug-ins have become firm favourites in many producer set-ups, and we have been fans of their releases for years, so there’s no surprise that Pro-Q2 picks up the Highly Commended award in the Best Software Effect category.

“We first used FabFilter Pro-Q in early 2010, when we predicted that it would become a staple of our music production process,” said reviewer Mike Hillier. “Little did we expect that nearly five years later, Pro-Q is still the first EQ we turn to, for just about any task, whether mixing or mastering, subtractive or additive. We have no doubt that Pro-Q2 is set to be our ‘go-to’ EQ for some time to come. Brilliant.”

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