Gear of the Year: Best Software Instrument – Modartt Pianoteq Pro 4.5

Modartt’s Pianoteq Pro 4.5 was an absolutely fantastic software instrument, combining an intuitive interface with high quality, innovative mathematical approach to generating incredible piano sounds…

Best Software Instrument – Modartt Pianoteq Pro 4.5

Price: €99 to €399 Web:


It’s a weird category this as so many software libraries are instruments in their own right, but we’ve split them into libraries that are huge ‘out-there’ collections and these, the more acoustic ‘real’ instruments. But then the winner, Pianoteq Pro 4.5, is actually neither, because it proves that you can have an incredibly real sound without needing lots of data. It utilises physical modelling technology, just 20MB footprint and some ‘terrifying mathematics’ to come up with some of the most realistic piano sounds you’ll find outside of a piano.

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Also ‘the real thing’: Soundiron’s Acoustic & Electric Saz, 8DIO’s Steel String Strummer and Native’s Session Horns scored well while Steinberg’s HALion 5 is perhaps the ultimate instrument…